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Join the SC Child Association  of Early Care and Education ( SCAECE ) today!
Once completing the membership application return it to:
SC Association of Early Care and Education
1 Windsor Cove,
Ste. 305
Columbia, SC  29203
Go to the "Contact Us" page, fill in the information and click "send."  An application form will be sent to you.


 "I am the director of a single-center family business that was started in 1974. My parents joined the association and served on the board when my mother ran our center. I have been the director for 17 years now, and have served on the board for most of that time. There was a brief period that I took a few years off, and during that time realized just how valuable my membership was. As a member of SCAECE, I feel like I get a major benefit from a lobbyist who voices our concerns to the legislature. I also get a heads up to changes in regulations and policies that affect our business in advance.  During the time that I was not a member, I felt that the only way I found out about a licensing change was when DSS showed up unannounced and cited me for something that I had not been informed was new or different. SCAECE is the most valuable membership that my company belongs to!"

- Margaret-Anne Pitts Gaffney                 
   Anne Pitts Child Development Center   

Please email Lynsey Cichon at
 with any questions regarding membership.
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